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This is my bestfriend Rose. And yes, this is one of those ‘reblog so I can show my bestfriend that she’s beautiful’ posts. Most of you would scroll past this but she really needs help.

Rose is only 13 years old, and you wouldn’t know it, but behind those sleeves, there are scars and scars and scars. From a young age Rose has been through a whole lot, she started cutting, starving, and attempting suicide ever since she was 10-11 years old.

Because of this, all Rose thinks about is how ugly she is and how she’s not ‘pretty’ like the other girls. I try to tell her that she’s so gorgeous but she won’t believe me- because that’s what depression does. It’s come to a point where I can no longer stop her from cutting or trying to commit suicide and I can’t do anything to help her anymore.

Maybe if this got notes she would believe she was beautiful.

Please, she’s the only reason I’m still alive. If you think she’s beautiful and deserves to believe it- REBLOG THIS.

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